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Aye Carumba! Kidrobot x The Simpsons Mini Figure Series go on Sale at Midnight

Get your TiVO’s ready to record the Olympics or whatever you had planned to watch on Comedy Central as Kidrobot is putting its Mini Figure Series of The Simpsons vinyl figures on sale as soon as it hits 12:01 AM EST August 21, 2008.

These 3-inch creations from Matt Groening will be available in 24 characters. But to make things interesting, selection will be a “blind assortment.”01 The sale price on these will be $7.95 a figure. But Kidrobot will have a case of 24 figures available for $181.00, which turns out to be 5% off. Whether a case of 24 will guarantee you the complete set of 24 individual figures is unknown.

So make sure you stop by kidrobot.com and get yourself some of The Simpsons mini vinyl figures as they’re sure to be a classic.

Footnotes for this post:
  1. Unmarked boxes with the figure packaged in foil to keep it keep the identity of the enclosed figured hidden and fun like Christmas Mornings []

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