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Leica Announces New M8.2 Digital Rangefinder

Leica M8.2 Digital RF - Silver

Leica M8.2 Digital RF - Silver

On the heels of Photokina, Leica announces an update to their digital rangefinder line, the M8.2. Although almost the same in looks, physical improvements have been made to help improve the photojournalist experience with the digital rangefinder.

One of the main changes include a new extra-quiet, low-vibration metal blade focal plane shutter. As a result, the M8.2’s approaches the silence of the famous rubber cloth focal plan shutter of it’s analog counterparts. If increased silence during snapping wasn’t enough stealth, he black body version now has a black Leica “dot” to give your camera the ultimate camouflage when you are in photojournalist mode.

New updates include:

  • New metal blade focal plane shutter
  • Ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal as coverglass
  • New snapshot mode
  • Quick override setting
  • Leica dot and accessory also in black
  • Robust “vulcanite“ finish
  • New compact charger

New features includes a “Snapshot” mode, labelled as “S” on the dial, for quick automatic expsoure in aperture priority. The “Snapshot” mode also offers automatic ISO (selectable in all modes) and white balance for when you’re in quick changing light conditions. A quick override setting has also been added for when you have those extra couple of seconds to get the exposure dead on. This “snapshot” mode can best be used for photojournalistic work with lenses like the just announced Leica Elmar-M 24mm f/3.8 ASPH. Combining the 24mm Elmar’s high imaging performance and large depth of view and M8.2’s “snapshot” mode is a photojournalist’s dream.

Physical changes include new bright line frames in the viewfinder that have been redesigned for longer focal lengths. An ultra scratch-resistant sapphire crystal has been used to cover the LCD for added protection. And to prevent the self-timer from accidentally being activated, a detent mechanism has been added to the main switch.

The Leica M8.2, along with the M8, is available now at authorized Leica dealers.

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